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This hour long, guided, educational tour is perfect for any age looking to be up close and personal with animals of all kinds. Animals you get to feed on the tour may include Goats, Zebras, Camels, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Emus, Capybaras, Porcupines, Alpacas, Scottish Highlander Cows, Patagonian Cavies, Bunnies, Tortoises, and more. Additional animals you may get to see on your tour includes a Vulture, Fennec Foxes, Badgers, Coatis, Peacocks, Lemurs, a Vervet Monkey, Genet and more. We keep our tour groups to a smaller size to give you all a better experience. All Tour Guides are thoroughly trained to answer all questions and will give you a once in a lifetime tour. General Admission for this tour is $25 per person and includes a generous feed bucket with all the animals favorite snacks. Scroll down to learn about different animal encounters you can add to you Safari Friends Walking Tour!


Our Kit and Caboodle package is a two and a half hour tour that includes every animal in our Safari Friends Walking Tour, a generous feed bucket, and personal animal encounters with over FIFTEEN of our exotic animals. This tour could include private encounters with our, Kangaroos, Capybaras, Capuchin Monkey, Spider Monkey, North American Porcupine, Patagonian Cavies, Armadillos, Ferrets, Lemurs, Anteater, Kinkajou, Blue Tongued Skink, Bearded Dragon, Fennec Fox, Otters and more. This tour is highly recommended for those who are already fairly comfortable with animals, and those above eight years old. This package is $125 per person and is truly an experience like no other. We guarantee you will learn a lot, take great pictures, maybe get peed on but definitely leave with a smile and some great stories for your friends. This tour is $125 per person and is truly the experience of a lifetime. 


Animal encounters can only be added to the "Safari Friends Walking Tour". Each animal encounter price is per person and is added on to the $25 General Admission price.  You can only purchase an animal encounter with the purchase of a "Safari Friends Walking Tour" general admission ticket.  We do not offer tickets for solely an animal encounter.

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