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Family Owned & Operated

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about us

“This is our family’s labor of love, done strictly for the fun and the joy it brings us in working as a team and having such a great time teaching and learning empathy together. “ We simply want to share the happiness of our wonderful animals with those who would like to meet them and enjoy their company as we do.”

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Darby Acres Farm is a family-run petting zoo, started by husband and wife team, Dwayne and Jennifer; they named the "farm” after their daughter, Darby.  Their mutual genuine love for animals found them adopting, rescuing and caring for many animals on their property; many of whom they have raised since birth.  They truly enjoy the love from all of their animals and  take pride in nurturing animals back to health.

The “zoo” is a hobby of care and compassion for the family.  The husband and wife team are both devoted to and love their Full-Time Careers.  They enjoy spending their time together caring for and rehabilitating their animals and sharing the enjoyment of the animals while educating others about them.

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The family team enjoys sharing the animals for education and for the enjoyable excitement the animals bring to both children and adults. 

"We genuinely love animals and are strong advocates for animal education, encouraging all to continue to educate generations on the importance of all animals and how they affect our lives."


Every visitor helps in funding the care and needs of all of our animal family! 

Donations are always welcome!

The petting zoo team operates on a Part-Time foundation to share the animals with others while helping to aid in the costs of caring for our large animal family, including the animals we rehome. 


While the petting zoo is a part-time endeavor,

the animals are our full-time passion and they are very dear to our heart. 


We are very excited when we are able to share the love and affection our animal family gives us, with you!

Thank you for your support of

Darby Acres Farm & Darby Safari.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


By Appointment Only

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Darby Safari is not open to the General Public.

A prepaid reservation is required

to visit our private property.

ALL visits to our private property require a prearranged appointment

that is based on our current appointment calendar.

**We kindly ask that you do not show up to our private property without a prepaid appointment.

We could be caring for an animal in need,

working with a scheduled event, Field Trip, or scheduled tour.

We regret that we will have to turn away anyone that

arrives without a prearranged-prepaid,

scheduled appointment.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

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USDA Licensed: 


This means that our animals are certified as healthy, and all required vaccinations are up to date. The quarters for the animals are inspected for cleanliness and safety. USDA inspection occurs regularly, so that you may be assured of a healthy, well cared for, and tame traveling petting zoo for your event. Darby Acres Farm exceeds all USDA requirements for our animal's care, nutrition, transportation, cleanliness and living.  You may be surprised to learn that all businesses that have animals for parties, or to be shown to the public must be licensed and monitored by the USDA. This means we are subject to pop inspections on our farm and in the field to be sure our animals are being properly cared for and are healthy.  

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