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*Tour dates are added one week at a time.  (Monday evening/Tuesday morning)

*We apologize that there will be times that we will not have any dates available.

*You can check the availability of tours by clicking the "CURRENT TOUR SCHEDULE" on the "What We Offer" button below. 
If no tours are listed, keep checking back!

*Please follow the scheduling process, from beginning to end, to see all pricing options and you can choose your encounters prior to check out.

Darby Acres Farm and Darby Safari consist of (2) separate locations to visit.
*Darby Acres Farm - Home to our Farm Animals - Hutchinson Ln., Charlotte, NC 
*Darby Safari - Home to our Exotic Animals - Kelly Rd., Charlotte, NC  28216

Darby Safari & Darby Acres Farm are two separate locations and are NOT at the same address. Your e-mail confirmation will contain the correct address of either Darby Acres Farm or Darby Safari, depending on the tour you purchase. Please do not google or use the internet to find the address for either location or you will end up at the wrong location. You must open your e-mail confirmations for "The Rules, Policies & Address". If you arrive at the farm for a safari tour, you will be late and likely miss your tour! If you are late, by not following these rules, you forfeit your tour without refund or reschedule.

*Please be sure to read your email confirmation so that you arrive at the correct address!

*If you do not agree with the terms of our no refund policy, please do not schedule a tour with us as we are being as upfront as we possibly can to let you know that all sales are final and we are unable to give refunds.

*We have been experiencing some issues with redemption codes.  Please text 704-930-3048 with your current code and we will get it fixed ASAP for you!

*If we have previously traveled to your education facility, please complete the contact form and we will let you know if we are able to accommodate your request.

*If you have questions regarding an already scheduled tour, please text your tour guide.  (See your confirmation for tour guide contact no.)
*We are hopeful to be able to offer more tours again before summer with upgrades and more animal encounters available! 

*Please be sure to like and follow us on Facebook & Instagram to be notified of new tour dates as they are listed!

*Those interested in applying for open employment positions can do so HERE

*Donations are needed now more than ever!  Please consider making a donation to the animals HERE.

*The community’s understanding and patience is appreciated during this time as we work to update this news to all social media platforms and websites.
Thank you for your continued support of Darby Acres Farm & Daby Safari!

We hope to see you very soon!
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USDA Licensed: 


This means that our animals are certified as healthy, and all required vaccinations are up to date. The quarters for the animals are inspected for cleanliness and safety. USDA inspection occurs regularly, so that you may be assured of a healthy, well cared for, and tame petting zoo. Darby Acres Farm exceeds all USDA requirements for our animal's care, nutrition, transportation, cleanliness and living.  You may be surprised to learn that all businesses that have animals for parties, or to be shown to the public must be licensed and monitored by the USDA. This means we are subject to pop inspections on our farm and in the field to be sure our animals are being properly cared for and are healthy.  

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