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Darby Acres Farm and Darby Safari consist of
2) separate locations to visit.


*Darby Acres Farm - Home to our Farm Animals

Hutchinson Ln., Charlotte, NC  28216

Schedule a Tour at Darby Acres Farm if you would like meet and pet the

farm animals including cow, horse, llama, goat, pig sheep, chickens, geese,

Rufus the Camel & more! Pony Rides are currently unavailable.


*Darby Safari - Home to our Exotic Animals

Kelly Rd., Charlotte, NC  28216

 Schedule a Tour at Darby Safarif you would like an introduction to the

exotic animals by a tour guide in an up-close private setting.   For an additional charge, you may choose from a list of animal encounters with your online scheduling including Capybara, Otter, Lemurs & More! 

Darby Safari & Darby Acres Farm are two separate locations and are NOT at the same address. Your e-mail confirmation will contain the correct address of either Darby Acres Farm or Darby Safari, depending on the tour you purchase. Please do not google or use the internet to find the address for either location or you will end up at the wrong location. You must open your e-mail confirmations for "The Rules, Policies & Address". If you arrive at the farm for a safari tour, you will be late and likely miss your tour! If you are late, by not following these rules, you forfeit your tour without refund or reschedule.

For pricing and available animal encounters, please follow the online scheduling process from beginning to end to see all pricing and available encounter add-on's.

Tickets must be purchased by 8pm the evening prior to a scheduled tour.

What we Offer

Facility Rental - Darby Acres Farm

(Please note: Not every animal will be able to be pet. Encounters & Interactions will vary on the daily temperament and mood of each animal;

However, most animals will still be able to be seen up close.) 

This tour is for those that follow directions well.  Youngsters and adults that are unable to stay with the group at all times or are unable to follow our feeding and petting directions may be asked to leave the tour, without a refund, if they are unable to follow instructions. 

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